Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stillman's Bleach Cream Vs Fair And Lovely

Old Spice redéfinit la pub en 2010

As if winning the Grand Prix at Cannes was not enough, Old Spice has just put a layer to his victorious campaign The Man Your Man Could Smell Like !

After being one of the most viewed videos in the world, this publicity has done a lot of buzz on the web, including Twitter. A tweet tweet here and there, everyone spoke of the mark in recent months.

Thus, the "Old Spice Guy" has decided to thank the surfers who have spoken freely of the mark, by creating personalized videos in response to their tweets and comments on YouTube and Facebook. Currently, more than 150 videos were posted in personal record time and the number continues to increase. Among them, Alyssa Milano, Ashton Kutcher, Perez Hilton ... and with any luck, maybe soon you?

Listing mechanism:

I tweet a comment about the campaign Old Spice. Old Spice see my tweet and offers me a video response to post it on his personal YouTube channel. The new video is notified to all subscribers of the channel, as well as those of the Facebook page. Old Spice notify me on my Twitter page. I retweet video to my followers. I share with my friends on Facebook ... etc.. etc..

Meanwhile, there were just a few million people who have been informed. Not a bad phone Arab eh?

Now imagine that you replace the "I" tweet " Ashton Kutcher " or "Britney Spears " . It is all the Earth is aware (or almost);)

With this campaign, Old Spice redefines clear vision of advertising in 2010. The strategy and approach that is made of digital fabulously demonstrates the power of social media in our society today.

To date, over 58'266'323 videos viewed on YouTube, Twitter followers 40'699, 579'798 fans on Facebook, not to mention everything that is told on the blogs. In sum, a huge job of maintenance and monitoring for community managers who must collapse under the Overtime '! Thought for him ...

In conclusion, the incredible success of the campaign resulted in the fact that she was able to use social media intelligently, but that beyond that, she has completely merged. This creates in terms of viral marketing, growth almost exponentially (ok still not, but you get the idea eh).
Other agencies simply have to follow the example and be inspired ... to do better?!

Here are some videos from the responses YouTube channel of Old Spice :


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